Sunday, August 5, 2012

The morning after

Molly, Cookie, Dave (cookies husband), Rick, Cam, mike, Reesh, Liz, Liz's parents and I all went for breakfast at the diner.  I was good and had steel cut oats and fresh berries since I am not sure when I'll be riding again.  It was an emotional good bye for many.  Now we'll see how we all keep in touch.  Reesh, Gene, and I packed up blue thunder and got on the road headed to St Louis shortly after 11.  Currently in Ohio after stopping for dinner at a Japanese steak house.  Thank you all for following my blog and all the support!  This experience has been amazing!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 48: 8/4/12

Happy birthday dad! Final day of the big ride.  A short bittersweet 40 mile ride.  The first stop was at a Starbucks, which made Sarah happy.  A stretch after that stop was on an extremely busy bike path.  I rode with the turtles again.  We stopped to take pictures at the Washington monument when we got into DC.  We then went over to the old post office for a lunch hosted by another alumni at his Greek restaurant.  I also had to get my late night snack Ben and Jerry's.  Just before noon we lined up to ride to the finish in pairs.  As we prepared to leave, Todd got a flat.  He was at the end of the line so they had enough time to change it.  I rode with Sarah.  We rode to freedom plaza where Lynn and Charleton gave us our medals.  After some pictures, I joined three other riders for an XM radio interview.  I rode over to the state plaza hotel to check in and take a nap.  A group of us had dinner reservations at Paolos in Georgetown. Sarah, Gene, and I arrived early enough for me to find an amazing pair of purple heels from nine west.  After dinner the kids met a couple other riders and went dining and dancing at third edition.  We ended the night in a hotel room watching the Olympics.  In bed around midnight, and surprised I lasted that long.

Day 47: 8/3/12

Today was a 62 mile day from Gettysburg PA to Poolesville MD.  There was fog in the morning covering the battlefields.  I was riding with the turtles today.  It was a hilly day.  We stopped for ice cream.  I had to go to the fire dept to use the bathroom.  Then we stopped again for lunch #2 at bassetts.  When we got to camp we got our stuff and headed to the local pool.  We swam until we had to meet for our rider only social at bassetts from 4-6.  Laura Sanford was in town for it, and it was really nice.  It would really be one of our last moments together as a whole group.  I think some people are starting to realize it is coming to an end :(

Day 46: 8/2/12

Rest day in Gettysburg.  Went to breakfast at cafe St amand and had two meals because I could not decide between sweet or savory.  My sweet was an amazing nutella and banana crepe.  Then I found some vitamin E for my cuts.  Next door was a tanning bed, so why not try to even out a little before going home.  It was great.  They provide lotion and goggles, and they even let me tan for free.  Back at camp, I cleaned my bike and cut Lynn's hair.   Then it was time for my pedicure and massage appointments :)  I was feeling good so I decided to get pretty.  I straightened my hair and put on make up for dinner at the blue parrot.  Got some ice cream on the way home, then off to bed.

Day 45: 8/1/12

Today was 102 miles from Bedford to Gettysburg.  It is day 6 of straight riding and it is filled with hills.  I was nervous about today because I had heard it was the hardest day of the ride.  Reesh and I decided to ride together today at a slower pace.  By the end of the day, it didn't really matter how slow I rode.  My bee sting in my toe from the previous day was swollen and painful.  I also kept forgetting to put chamois butter on.  There were some pluses to today though.  Tony, a 2008 alumni, and his son hosted lunch for us.  He grilled me a burger in the state park.  They also had make your own sundaes for us in Gettysburg with fresh peaches and mangos.  Thanks to them!  Also a big thanks to Rob's Family for the buffs.  I love it!  After getting to camp I quickly fell asleep.  It was very hard to get up for dinner, but Gene dragged me to the Appalachian brewery.  After dinner I went right back to bed.  Today was rough!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 44: 7/31/12

Today we were given a choice.  We could climb mount Davis, the highest elevation in Pennsylvania, or go an extra 3.5 miles on the same beautiful trail as yesterday.  No shortcuts for this girl...I took the trail!  It was an 80 mile day.  After the first 31 miles on the trail, the rest of the day was a lot of hills.  At mile 60, we had another option to ride an extra 7 miles to see the flight 93 memorial.  Thankfully I got to the entrance in time to ride with Gene, Reesh, and Ben in blue thunder.   Overall today was a pretty rough day so I began an eating frenzy at camp.  I had sour cream and onion chips, rice crispy treats, root beer, coke, chicken, 2 ears of corn, bread, ice cream, and a lemonade.  Oh and we finally got around to building a camp fire and making smores!!!  I have breakfast duty tomorrow, and it is supposed to be the hardest day of the ride so I need to get some rest.  Good night.

Day 43: 7/30/12

Today was an 87 mile ride from Washington to confluence PA.  A large portion of todays ride was on a bike trail so that meant that we had limited access to our support.  The trail was packed limestone, which made for a rough ride but the scenery more than made up for it.  I wanted to stop and take pictures everywhere.  I called it the magical forest.  At one point a deer jumped across the path right in front of us.  There were beautiful wooden bridges, walls of rocks, running water, and tall trees.  It was nice to be shaded.  I was jealous of the people I saw kayaking, rafting, and canoeing.  I wonder if they were jealous of me riding my bike...uh....probably not.  Fred Husak, a 2000 alumni hosted a lunch for us that was great.  Thanks to him and his family.  Near the end of the ride some people decided to go see falling water, a frank Lloyd wright house.  I opted not to go because it was an extra 3.5 miles up a steep climb, plus after 4 days of riding I was desperate to do laundry.  I took a shower, enjoyed $12 night at the lucky dog, then went into town to find a laundromat.  Quiet time sneaks up fast.  Good night.